About Us

COMMUNITY active network


Our vision

COMMUNITY ACTIVE NETWORK (CAN) act as a medium in developing, sustainable environment to help those in need for their survival in the competitive world.

Our Mission

  • To become an organization that help stakeholders to enhance their socioeconomics.
  • To create values for our targeted community groups throughout various projects.


Approved projects




founded in ukm-gsb

Community Active Network (CAN) Malaysia is a non-governmental organization (NGO) working with Malaysian society in making the society better. The members of CAN Malaysia are full time MBA cohort Semester 1 Year 2017 from UKM GSB. We are open for partnership with other NGO activities.

Our Objectives

  • To add more positive value towards society through program in the organization
  • To perform an activity that develop intrinsic value in personal character.
  • To organize an activities that help community to improve their socioeconomic and have a better lifestyle.
  • To promote and encourage green environment program and healthy activities in order to develop a healthy society.